A question…

Here’s a question. When filing my aforementioned dissolution papers, I found my hitched certificate with them.

On said marriage civil partnership (must stop annoying the religious nuts by daring to call it a marriage), it stated that the ex and I were ‘single’

This got me thinking. Presumably for those (like SuperDad), who have got married for a second time, does the person’s status say “divorced”?

And if so, if I got married (not again, because I wasn’t in the first place, but you know what I mean), what would mine say?



Silence is Golden

I’m here, I’ve just been working on a post which I haven’t been able to post until this week… stay tuned…………..

Domestic Bliss

So, picture this…

It is 20:30 on a Saturday night, a childless, peaceful Saturday night in the GOAS household. We have the entire evening to ourselves.

What do we do?

I drill holes in walls that aren’t deep enough, and can’t be thanks to a limited drill and concrete hardened walls. We then drive to the DIY place to buy different curtain tracks, only to find that it closed at 19:00, not 21:00 as we thought.

We return home. I fill the holes. We then make flat pack furniture; I make the frame, she makes the drawers.

When did we skip the exciting, exhilarating and enthralling honeymoon period of our relationship and move straight to the old-marrieds-in-domestic-bliss?

We giggled. Lots, as we realised the height of excitement of our Saturday night.

We rock at this life thing. 😀

@daminicustard – one year on

An open letter to Fish’s mum, on the first anniversary of his passing:

Hello Mummy Fish,

I hope this note finds you well. I am conscious that today is a bittersweet day for me; I turn 33 today but I am saddened by the thought that it is the first anniversary of Lobster’s passing. I do hope that he is at peace, and I hope that the last few months since we were in touch have become easier for you. I know that the pain does not lessen in any way, but dulls, slightly; and I know from talking with many of Damini’s friends that he is still very much missed and thought about. I’m sure that on the
various social networking places that we interacted with him, many of us will mention and join together in remembering him.

I omitted to mention what would have been his 40th earlier this year although I know that Maxine – who still seems very affected by his passing – did mark it in her own way. I am sure that he was probably looking down on her with a sarcastic or suggestive comment ready, as only he could’ve done!

As I have said previously, I owe so much to Fish and it is on days like this that I recognise how much he did for me. It seems so very wrong to think that something good could come out of something so tragic, but in leaving us, he gifted me the opportunity to meet with people whom I
probably would not have done so for a long time. As you know, meeting incognitolinda on the day of his funeral eventually turned into something much more than just a friendship between the both of us, and we are eternally grateful to Lobster for allowing us to meet, just saddened that it was not in the way we had planned by way of he and I travelling to Glasgow together in September last year.

I have been living in Glasgow for four months now. I am settled, I am happy and my ties to the south have finally been severed – my house is sold and I am settled into my new job. Life has been so very exciting in the past year but the last four months have really taught me that you cannot seek out happiness, that it finds you. I hope that you can take some solace in my good news and know that Tony has created something very beautiful, and the Emu and I are so very grateful and will raise a glass to him tonight, and again on the 2nd August, which we have deemed our anniversary because it was the day we met and changed our lives forever.

With much love,

Be it time for a revamp?

I’m thinking about the future of this blog.  It’s served a purpose for a while now; it’s been my vent-base… I whinge, I whine and I grumble.

But I’m bored of that now.  I’ve had enough of being a whingy boring whiner.

So, 2012 will bring a new GOAS blog, methinks.  I’ll still be here; I’ll just change it, revamp it, and revamp me.

Time to be positive.  Time to be a bit more fun.  Time to be a bit more random.

See you on the other side.

Happy Christmas and New Year!