That was the year, that was…

It’s not like me to succumb to the traditions of blogging, but it appears that the norm is to review your year in a nicely concise summary of events. So, given that I haven’t blogged much over the past 12 (that may change, it may not), here’s a non traditional GOAS-style blog of wot-I-did-this-year…

In no particular order:

·         Planned a SecretTrip for L’s birthday. That was January. SecretTrip was May. Yes, I kept the secret for that long. It was in fact a jaunt over to her old haunts in Northern Ireland, and my first journey over to the northern part of the island. We had a great couple of days. I’d hoped that it would be nice and warm but alas not, but we basked in the luxury of one of the best hotels in the area, and tramped around Belfast doing touristy things. She introduced me to Tayto Crisps, Maud’s Ice Cream, and the views of the mountains and the sea.

·         We managed to decorate another two rooms of Abomination Towers. It’s slow going! Our spare room is now purple and oyster, and our bedroom also following a purple theme; albeit on a different shade (honest!). A bathroom has also made it from bright red to a more subtle silver, with a view to eventually replacing the entire suite and remodelling. It’s about putting our stamp on it rather than living with someone else’s woeful taste. We did, however, also remove a pond and two enormous trees from the garden; giving much more space and light outside.

Sadly, the kitchen remains at large and we have lived through an entire year with doors falling off and badly fitted work surfaces and cupboards. A tentative plan is in place, however, to give us the kitchen we want; but it requires more than just a refit; building work aplenty including creating doorways and moving gas, electricity and water sources will be needed. All in good time.

·         I left my old job, started a new job and hated it. I still hate it, but it pays the mortgage and will continue to do so whilst I look for something else. In the meantime, the boss who I never properly connected with has retired, so I’m awaiting the installation of a new boss. Hopefully it’ll be someone who understands my “why do it THAT way?” rather than “you have to do it that way because that’s how we’ve always done it”.

·         Decided to get married (well, *we* did: it was a joint decision, honest!). Next year. We have spent a lot of time sorting what we wanted, and we are building one helluva ceremony for the day. I am really rather excited. Hopefully everyone else will be too. I can’t wait!

·         Cheered when C made lots of new friends to play with in the street, for that was one of our aims for moving. Booed when she brought home lots of little non-friends in her hair. We became NitNinjas for a day, in a mass of curly hair. It wasn’t fun.

·         Spent another lovely long weekend in Arran, in glorious sunshine. There’s something about the pace of life in Arran that is immediately relaxing, and I will miss the fact that we’re not going next year.

·         Indulged ourselves in a week of sunshine and pool in Tenerife. It was nothing short of fab, although just a smidge too hot for us.

·         Enjoyed a hot summer’s day on my birthday yet again, on the beach and paddling in the sea. Much fun and a great way to spend your birthday!

·         Made some cakes, made some bread and created some good food. Also created some disasters which I’ll gloss over; but that’s the joy of cooking, right?


For 2015, I’d like:

·         SuperDad to actually parent and take responsibility for his actions (I say this every year, it never changes)

·         To marry L and have a fantastic day to boot. If the latter doesn’t happen, I don’t care: I’ll have married her. That’s the most important thing to me (can you tell I’m a bit excited?)

·         To try and enjoy what I do for a living. I’ve fallen out of love with it.

·         To revamp one of the big rooms in Abomination Towers, be it a bathroom, kitchen or lounge. Maybe


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