5:2 – see ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya

9 weeks after starting my 5:2 journey, I’ve decided that it isn’t right for me. I have lost a bit of weight, nowhere near enough that the success stories have you believe, but I’ve learned three things from doing it….

1. Those reporting huge losses are generally those who have a lot to lose (I didn’t, in the grand scheme of things
2. It made me want to graze all day the following day, negating the whole purpose of fasting in the first place
3. L, and my colleague at work, both said I was much more moody and grumpy on fasting days.

In the last 4 weeks my pattern went -1, +1, -2, +2. At that point, I figured that happiness was more important, so made the decision to stop.

There’ll probably still be days where I do fast. Today was my first non Thursday fast and it felt odd… I gave it a fair shot but it didn’t play nice with me.

As I’m back running again, 3x a week and nearly at the end of couch to 5k once more, I think that my running has probably done more for the 7lbs that I have lost than 5:2 ever did for me.

The next month will be telling….