5:2 – commencing the journey

I hate diets. Even the word is painful. The fact that the first three letter spell die isn’t ironic in the slightest, because the mindset that I find myself slipping into (one of dejection and frustration at not being able to eat as I please) makes me feel as if I would rather die than engage in a painfully elongated diet process.

With intrigue and a little trepidation, I have researched and started (today!) the 5:2 diet. Most people seem to know what this entails, but for the uninitiated, you have 5 days of eating normally (well, within reason, less than 2000 calories if you’re female) and 2 days of the week (of your choosing) of ‘fasting’, where you don’t exceed 500 calories (women, 600 men). Seems so straightforward until you realise that there are calories in EVERYTHING. An apple: 50 calories. A banana: 100+ (my usual hunger-quelling snacks). Even breathing wastes calories (well, it doesn’t, but reading the books, it felt like it). It’s going to take some severe willpower and attentiveness on my part.

As a veggie, I’m sort of in a quandary: fasting for 2 days isn’t easy – I can’t bulk my meals out as easily as meat eaters. Egg features a lot on the menus, although at 75cals per medium egg (oh deity I’m counting everything already) I won’t be indulging in too many, too often. Many of the recipe books scream “eat an omelette for breakfast!”… I’m fasting on Mondays and Thursdays; therefore at work. Omelettes aren’t possible in work, oh no. I figured that if I documented what I ate here, it’d serve as a reminder for what breakfasts are possible!

I’m not going to tell you how heavy I am nor how much I need to lose; instead I’ll report any gains/losses and how the 2 fasting days are going for me. Fingers crossed….

In a vain attempt to motivate myself through this, I’m going to list out what I’m eating and see what I can conjur up on fasting days that actually curb some of the hunger pangs. So, today:

2x Kallo corn cakes (52cals)
2tsp Marmite (20cals)

Miso soup (29cals) (found in Whole Foods – a single portion to make a soup. Need to find better sources of Miso paste that won’t break the bank)
1x Kallo corn cake (26 cals)

Dinner will be a tofu and mushroom south Indian curry, from the marvellous Celia Brooks’ 5:2 Vegetarian book (147 cals) with a wholemeal pitta bread (138 cals, but I need some carbs).


Fruit teas in abundance. I have Lidl’s Very Berry Knightsbridge tea, and we found a Yogi Sweet Chilli tea in the local Whole Foods store, and several Twinings variations to try as well. They’re all 0 calories and many of the books suggest that drinking them can curb your hunger. I may become very bad and invest in Pepsi Max as I find that carbonated drinks tend to fool my stomach into thinking it’s had something, so I might commit the cardinal sin of resorting to fizzy; but not making it a regular habit – a last resort.

Allowance for at least one cup of tea with skimmed milk (how I always have my tea anyway – I like to taste the tea, not the milk!): 30cals

Total for the day (barring any slipups): 442cals.

As I posted this (10:45am), I was just beginning to feel hungry, but haven’t had anything other than a fruit trees and point of water. I’ll try and teach my body not to expect food quite so early in the mornings!